From a neighbor on Dammeron Valley Road East:

“We have been waiting six years to have decent internet. Now that we are connected through WiFiCoNext we canceled our previous internet, and satellite TV and saved over $100 a month. The speed and stability is great, enough to stream 4K movies. We couldn’t be happier.”

From a neighbor on Camp  Valley Drive:

I already have the service set up in my home on Camp Valley. It runs a consistent 100mps down and 10 up, that is 10 to 20x faster than DSL, which is why we already cancelled our Century Link service a month or so ago. I put a UPS back up on the line ($45 from Best Buy) so I can also use it for telephone service. The system is a great addition to Dammeron Valley! You can stream movies into your home without any interruption, far better than satellite (and with Netflix, much cheaper). The new 100mps service is not cheap at just under $100 per month, but worth every penny and saving me much more than that in telephone and satellite movie services. Highly recommend for speed and reliability, as looks no as it does not get overloaded.

I would also add, that the service was a breeze to set up, with the help of Dennis and John.

From a neighbor on Mountain View:

The Internet and TV are fantastic.  Very happy.  Thank you for all the hard work and service.


From a neighbor on Pinion Hills Drive:

“It has worked flawlessly for 3 months now. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for doing this! It is wonderful!”