WiFiCoNext Customer Agreement

Also know as Terms and Conditions

WiFiCoNext desires to provide to its customers high speed, stable internet service. Its goal is to do this in a way that delights our customers and allows WiFiCoNext to be a successful company. Outlined below are the things that WifiCoNext will do (and not do) and the things the customer will do (and not do). Please be aware that the WiFiCoNext reserves the right to decide to whom it provides its services.

What WiFiCoNext will do:

  • WifiCoNext will provide high speed internet service to its customers. The targeted speeds are 100 mbs to 200 mbs down load and 25 mbs to 50 mbs upload. WiFiCoNext purchases internet serviced from a wholesale provider through a fiber cable and distributes it to its customers though a network of small radios. There are some homes in our service area for which this network might not provide an internet connection or where speeds may be slower. The internet speed will be measured at the ethernet cable from the radio and prior to the customer’s router, and can fluctuate depending on how and when measured.
  • WifiCoNext will do all we can (best effort) to keep the internet service up and available to our customers. There are however many factors involved in providing internet service and WiFiCoNext cannot guarantee that the service will always be up or that there won’t be temporary interruptions.
  • WiFiCoNext will provide to each customer a small radio (antenna) to receive the internet signal and will install this radio in a way acceptable to the customer.
  • WiFiCoNext will bill each customer every month according to the agreed upon rate. This will be done by email.
  • WiFiCoNext will make every attempt to contact its customers if there is going to be network maintenance. This maintenance will usually be done at night or early in the morning. This notification will usually be done by email. This notification will not take place for minor network adjustments lasting only a few minutes.
  • WiFiCoNext will make every effort to respond to a customer’s need for service.
  • WiFiCoNext will remove its equipment if the contract is cancelled.
  • WiFiCoNext will provide advance notice if it terminates service to it’s customers

What WiFiCoNext will NOT do:

  • WiFiCoNext will never share a customer’s information such as name, address, phone or email address, unless required by law.
  • WiFiCoNext will not enter a customer’s home without prior permission and preferably accompanied by the customer.
  • WifiCoNext will not require a long term contract. Our services are on a month-to-month basis.

What the Customer will do:

  • The customer will pay its monthly bill. This is done by check or online through the monthly bill.
  • The customer will provide access to WifiCoNext to the customer’s home for installation and maintenance, by appointment.
  • The customer will provide its own internet router. The quality of internet service in the customer’s home is significantly dependent on the quality of this router.
  • The customer will assume complete responsibility for the use of the internet provided by WiFiCoNext by others and especially children in the home.
  • The customer will assume the sole responsibility for the security of computers and other devices connected to the internet via WiFiCoNext. This includes the impact of spam, malware, virus and inappropriate content.

What the Customer will NOT do:

  • The customer will not use the internet, network or equipment provided by WiFiCoNext for anything illegal, including copyright infringement. Please refer to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
  • The customer will not resell, retransmit, share or create a hotspot outside the customer’s home, or share the internet services with neighbors. The customer will use the service provided by WiFiCoNext for personal in home use only.
  • The customer will not use the services provided by WiFiCoNext to host a commercial website, operate a commercial server, send or receive bulk messages, engage in telemarketing or any other way inconsistent with residential use. If the customer has special needs they should contact WifiCoNext.

Cancelation of services:

The customer and/or WiFiCoNext can terminate service at any time. The customer will allow WiFiCoNext access to retrieve its equipment. Wificonext will provide an appropriate amount of time for the customer to find alternative services. The customer will be billed on a pro-rated basis for the number of days in the month the services were provided.

A few other items:

  • Because of the nature of the internet, temporary disruptions will occur. WifiCoNext will not be liable for these disruptions or the impact thereof that are beyond its control, such as cable cuts, earthquakes, floods, fire, war, vandalism, terrorism, legal requirements or acts of God. If the disruption was reasonably under WiFiCoNext’s control, WifiCoNext’s total liability, if that is determined, is limited to a total of up to three months aggregate fees prior to the initial claim.
  • Any service and equipment provided by WiFiConext is provided on an “as is” basis. The services and equipment are provided without warranty, especially as it relates to fitness for any particular use.
  • WiFiConext will not be liable for any loss or damages, including the acquisition of alternate services. Nor for any data or loss there of that is transmitted through the WiFiCoNext network.

Finally, if there is a dispute, let’s talk it over and if we can’t work it out WiFiCoNext and the customer agree to the use of an agreed upon arbitrator to resolve the issue.

September 19, 2022