Our philosophy and values

We should not be penalized for living in such a beautiful but remote location. We want high speed, stable, reliable, and affordable internet service.

We want you to be delighted with your internet service.

Just good, fast internet!

So, who is WiFiCoNext and how do we contact you?

            WiFiCoNext is a company created by John Wallace and Dennis Brimhall. We have been inservice fore three years and have dozens of customers all over the valley.  We created WiFiCoNext out of the frustration of not getting good internet service in the valley. We have invested our own funds to create the network and are personally at risk if it doesn’t work (we really want it to work). We can be contacted at  wificonext@gmail.com. We live in the valley and want WiFiCoNext to benefit the valley.

Meet the Team

It is just two of us with a great view of the Valley


This is us….

John Wallace  — picture taken by Dennis Brimhall