Speed, Speed, Speed….

  • Really fast internet

  • Targeting 100 Mbs  download speeds (not all installations may have these speeds)

  • 25 Mbs to 50Mbs upload speeds
  • No usage caps


No Long Term Contracts

  • Month-to-month service

  • We provide the equipment, you provide the router

  • Cancel at anytime



  • $95.00 per month
  • Only a few dollars more than you are probably paying now for 5 to 10 times faster speeds and high reliability

  • No teaser rates

  • $100.00 installation cost

The internet service Dammeron Valley has been waiting for….

For those who want high speeds, stability (you can still stream HiDef TV,even 4K in the evenings) and simplicity of installation and use, then WifiConext may be for you. Premium service allows you to take advantage of streaming TV, faster downloads, increased stability and, with additional equipment, some customers can create cell coverage in their homes. WiFiCoNext just provides fast, reliable Internet service.

WiFiCoNext is supported by fiber optic cable into Dammeron Valley.

From there, simple antennas, using the same technology and frequencies as the Wi-Fi networks in your home, and those found in schools, hospitals and other public buildings, communicate with your home. This home antenna (radio) is smaller than the satellite TV receiver dishes most homeowners currently have.



We have our fiber connection, the radio are up and running and we are installing in our customers’ homes.  If you want to be on our Installation list (no obligation) go to “contact us” and send us an email.

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